Castle Blood 2009

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Castle Blood 2009

Castle Blood is a haunted attraction southeast of Pittsburgh, in Beallsville, PA, owned and run by Ricky and Karen Dick, costumers extraordinaire.

This was my 5th season as part of the Castle Staff, acting as a Guide, guiding groups of Mortals through the chilly hallways of the Castle as they attempted to find their talismans. Along the way, the Mortals meet many interesting Castle denizens, who tell and act out stories, characters and mysteries to reveal this season's talismans. My persona is Lizzie B., a late-Victorian era, upper-class, rather snobby spinster who dresses with Victorian flair and sleeve caps. Better not make her wait for your group to catch up!

An Alternate Persona

Instead of a multitude of different characters, Lizzie B. has a late Victorian wardrobe which she can use to pacify her often-irritable mood. She can "mix and match" skirts with blouses of different colors, corsets, jackets and shoes. And of course, accessories!

Lizzie B. wants to 'axe' you something!

Castle Denizens

Join Uncle Vlad, along with other colorful and menacing Castle denizens, for a tour of the grounds!