What's New in 2009

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What's New in my Costuming World

Some exciting news: I am invited to be the Fan GOH for Albacon in October 2010 in Albany, NY! A great opportunity--to have fun, participate in programming, and promote all the Costume Arts over a weekend in a very lovely part of the country--especially in the autumn. I went to college not far from where this con is held--at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY, home of Bausch & Lomb, and Eastman Kodak, the Genessee River, and many others. Now, all the more reason to HURRY UP and get Costume Lantern up and running for the public! More about Albacon and the planned activities as information is available. Look for Albacon on the web! The website is now operational, and my bio is up. These people are seriously organized. I am looking forward to being able to exhibit a few costumes, dress up and play in the cool autumn weather. Did I mention that there are great yard sales up there?


Here you see a photo of myself, Lizzie B., with Anastasia, one of the founders of the Castle, and not seen in its Halls for many years until her surprise appearance on All Hallows Eve 2009, to the delight and despair of many.