What's New in 2009

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What's New in my Costuming World

I just returned from Costume Con 35 in Toronto, Ontario.  My first Costume Con was Number 9 in Columbia, Maryland, and I ahve only missed a few since then--one of thsoe was the Australia one.  I was honored at Costume Con 34 in Madison Wisconsin in 2016 with the ICG Lifetime Achievement Award. This year it was very exciting to go up on stage (In my Masquerade costume of course) to welcome Eric Cannon and Sue Kulinyi, sho won the LAA this year.  I've been friends with them both for many years, and remember attending their weddingsome years ago, before they moved to Florida. I had the good forutne to be a guest with them a few years ago as well.  Eric went with me up for my very first helicopter ride over Orlando!

AT Costume Con I was in a group on Saturday night for hte Fantasy & SF Masquqerade: "Disney in a Nutshell". And in the Sunday night Historical MAsquerade, I did a dress from about 1868, "Before hte Bustle", which was very well-recived and tied with Jacqui Ward for Best in Show. I couldn't have been more pleased.


Balticon 51 is coming up in just a few weeks! Don't miss a chance to see its fabulous MAsquerade! I will be entering in a group presentation.